Zack Sklar


It takes all this and more to create and sustain Michigans fastest growing catering company. But all this and more is exactly what defines Zack Skalar.

After graduating from the prestigious Culinary institute of America, Zack and some friends began catering dinner parties in and around the Hudson Valley in New York. Word spread fast and soon they were booking events from small dinner parties to parties for over 250 guests.

After a visit home, Zack realized that his hometown market didn't have the culinary options he knew he could provide. So he moved his young catering operation to Michigan and began to build Cutting Edge Cuisine.

Zack's culinary expertise and taste level premeates every aspect oh his business. From the food to the service, table settings, lighting and more, he ensures that every event rune smoothly, comes together seamlessly and overachieves the client's vision. Truly one of America's hottesr young chefs, Zack has what it takes to turn the usual into something deliciously unusual.

Justin Kurtz
Pastry Chef

Cutting Edge's reputation for outstanding pastries is due in large to Justin. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Justin studied under one of America's most revered pastry chefs; Francisco Migoya, from the French Laundry and Bouchon Bakery. Justin lives ad breathes pastry. From elaborately decorated wedding cakes to simple pastry, Kurtz's attention to detail and creative flair are infused in everything he bakes.

Aaron Lowen
Director of Operations and Logistics

With an eye for Details and a keen understanding of event preparation and logistics, Aaron has the perfect combination of skills to help ensure that all Cutting Edge Cuisine events run smoothly. Aaron is an alumnus of The Culinary Institute of America and has worked at the renowned Townsend Hotel and The Rugby Grill as well as at some of the countries hottest restaurants. Aaron has returned to metro-Detroit and to Cutting Edge Cuisine as the Director of Operations and Logistics. He works in event preparation as well as in the kitchen to ensure that every detail is covered.